Fitness center AREA DEPORTIVA CNSA/Es Nàutic

Registration - Access

  •  To use the gym you must be a partner, child or spouse of this, or athlete of the Sports Area.
  •  Then you must register and request use at the Sports Area Office, presenting a membership card.
  •  Each time you attend the Gym you have to apply for the access bracelet and pay the amount of € 2 in the office of the Sports Area, where you will also be provided with a towel.
  • When Finish deposit the towel in the basket arranged in the gym and return the bracelet in the office of the Sports Area or mailbox.
  • The gym has a capacity of 10 people at a time, so if you indicate a schedule of assistance we can organize better.
  • Meet the rules of use and coexistence of the installation.
  • Respect the schedule and its capacity.