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Basic navigation pattern. Recent qualification that is on horseback of the titulín and the PER. With more attributions and less limitations than the titulín, it accredits for the handling of boats of 7.5 m motor and 8 to sail of suitable power and up to 5 miles of the coast. Its program consists of 20 hours of theoretical classes, 8 of practices of motor, 12 of candle and 2 of Radio.


Pattern pleasure craft. It is the most required sports qualification within the nautical sector, since it accredits you to handle boats up to 12 m in length, with adequate power and up to 12 miles of coast. Its program consists of a total of 40 hours of theoretical classes, 16 of practices of motor, 20 of candle and 2 of radio.

The Yacht Pattern.

It is the right qualification for sailors who begin to enjoy the sea and need miles to satisfy their chances. It accredits you to handle boats up to 20 in length, with adequate power and up to 25 miles from the coast. Its program consists of 60 theoretical hours, 24 of driving practices, 20 of sailing practices and 4 of radio.

Yacht Captain

It is the transoceanic degree par excellence, for sailors with projects of unlimited miles and with time to be able to realize them. It accredits you for the handling of boats of great scope with the possibility of turning it into professional taking the courses PPER and RO-RO. Its navigation radius is unlimited as well as its tonnage, length and power of the engines.

One of the objectives of our Nautical Academy is to get students, in addition to obtaining the degree, to really learn how to operate a boat in different circumstances. For this reason a post - course service will be offered, which will include:

Possibility to take a sailing course in a cruise
Scheduled weekend excursions to put into practice what is learned and carry out related activities:
Coexistence on board. Kitchen, cleaning, hygiene and overnight stay.
Fondeo in places of interest.
Night sailing with guards.
Dock at other ports.
Fishing and snorkeling if conditions permit.
General nautical advice for:
Boat rental at a good price
Boat purchase
Boat documentation and inspection (ITB)
Professional courses
Professional Qualifications